The Branding & Website

Agency: Gauge Interactive
Role: Branding and Digital Design

This was a complete overhaul beginning with a new, modern logo and brand guidelines to better fit within makeup and fashion worlds. We created a clean, high-end look for long term marketing.

The Coastal Scents site was already doing quite well, but the site was outdated and slow with no optimizations for mobile browsing, despite heavy page views from tablets and smart phones.

To solve these issues, we started with the Magento ecommerce platform as a foundation and built a fully responsive interface. We focused on the subtleties of the layout, making sure elements functioned seamlessly for users interacting on touch devices, as well as a conventional keyboard and mouse. We made it extremely easy and efficient for customers to purchase from their smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

Additionally, we deployed advanced caching and speed optimizations for the site. Those changes dropped page load times from an average of 12 seconds with the old site, to an average of 4.5 seconds (including slower cellular networks). On broadband connections, the average page load is just under 3 seconds! For a responsive eCommerce storefront, that is incredibly fast.

Not surprisingly, all of these changes came together and Coastal Scents has already seen a major increase in conversion rates as well as total revenue in the month following the launch of the new site. The bounce rate has significantly decreased, and their average page views per visit has almost doubled. We expect their numbers to continue to rise, and their annual Black Friday sale should be a massive hit.

Overall, this means a huge increase in gross revenue and it really sets their brand up for future growth and expansion. We really enjoy working with the team at Coastal Scents, and it’s awesome to see the site performing above their expectations already. We’ll continue to work with them to perfect the site and add new features as they continue to expand.

Project Stats

  • Logo Design & Branding
  • Magento ECommerce Website
  • Custom Responsive Layout
  • Unique Mobile Navigation
  • Product & Video Reviews
  • 360º Product Images
  • Custom Product Color Picker
  • Newsletter & Search Integration

Our intent was to always tell the story of Death’s Door through the craft spirit lens. We wanted the audience to taste the care in every Death’s Door bottle and know that the product was sustainably made. The original packaging did not fit the price point, it felt dated and was unmemorable — all problems we addressed in the execution.

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Product Detail Pages

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