A Modern Boutique for All Women

Sparrow is a women’s clothing boutique with a curated collection of current trends and classic styles. This shop was conceived for the modern-day working woman with a mission to provide high-end fashion at unpretentious prices. Sparrow’s physical store is located in Norton Shores, Michigan.

The Branding

The Sparrow story begins with the name. The sparrow itself represents joy, creativity and productivity. They are small in size, but powerful and productive workers. They remind us that busy hands and minds promote a full, happy life, and the loudest voice is not always the most powerful.

Sparrow Boutique is tailored for the modern working woman – independent women who work hard for themselves and their families. Sparrow offers unique and versatile clothing for everyone and every budget.

The overall vision for the logo and branding was modern yet approachable. The logo is clean, geometric and iconic with a support logo, the geometric sparrow icon.

Sparrow is helping build up the local creative community by partnering with artists, designers, and businesses for the Indie Designer Spotlight Program which gives Michigan creatives a platform to showcase their work. Products are featured on the site and sold online and in-store.

The Online Store

About the Sparrow website here. Fully responsive website built on the Shopify ecommerce platform for shopping made seamless on any device. Functionalities like customer accounts, a wishlist, customer reviews, a smart announcement bar tracking free shipping.

Talk about the flyout cart and mobile menu? Shop page sorting and navigation?

Product Pages

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