Amber Gray’s Photos are Strange & Wonderful

This talented director and photographer is known for her dramatic and dreamlike aesthetic. Amber Gray manages to capture the strength and beauty of women and has a well trained eye for color. She is definitely at the top of her field.

Gray’s photography is dramatic and colorfully quirky. She is able to capture the strength and beauty of women and put her artistic spin on it. She has an amazing eye for color, works magic with composition, and has a taste for glam-rock. Gray consistently works with high-fashion designers all over the globe. In the last few years she’s been branching out, turning her attention to film direction in the fashion industry.

Some of Gray’s biggest clients include Maybelline NY, Mont Blanc, Verizon, Splenda, Sony, McDonald’s, Discovery Channel, Orly Cosmetics, and an impressive range of celebrities and musicians like Beyoncé and Lily Allen.

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