Julie Ferrieux’s Editorial Genius

Julie Ferrieux is the French designer responsible for our favorite magazine and catalog, I’Ode. The pages of this publication are every designers dream: open, airy and elegant with beautiful typography, photography and overall page layout.

Julie Ferrieux is the talented French designer of the lovely magazine, I’Ode. This editorial stunner would make any designer smile. The pages that are open, airy and elegant. Not to mention amazing typography and phenomenal photography. The magazine was used to support the international expansion the brand Diptych, a popular French potpourri and candle company. The products are synonymous with luxury and cater to blissful olfactory experiences and travel souvenirs. Today Diptych is a popular brand that has been built without advertising. Despite its lack of marketing and visibility, the brand remains very well-known in France and abroad.

For more from Julie Ferrieux visit behance.net/JulieFerrieux.