Killer Illustration by Musketon

We love the playfully dark work of Belgian illustrator, Musketon (also known as Bert). He combines a modern style and pop icon subject matter with more classical line work and amazing vintage textures. View some of his work here.

Musketon is the alter ego of the Belgian illustrator Bert. He has been traveling the world, developing his style and making some killer art along the way. We love his playfully dark work, especially his signature skulls. That’s his thing, and he’s pretty much mastered them. He frequently combines pop culture subject matter with his super clean line work, vintage textures, and skulls of course. He’s been lucky enough to work with clients like Nike, Ciroc, Mazda and MTV. Definitely bookmark Musketon because he’s a constant source of inspiration.

To learn more about Musketon, visit Behance or