Sweet Surrealism

The creative mind of Oliver Stenberg has been building surreal settings and beautiful brand identities for years. He uses bold color, strong lines and clean, graphic shapes which makes the work visually striking. He’s able to speak to consumers with a vibrant, graphic style that demands to be seen. Stenberg knows how to build a strong brand identity that stands out from all the vanilla out there. He turns simple products into inspiring characters, and tells a beautiful story.

Stenberg is also the co-owner of an all-natural skincare brand called Carriage 44. He and his wife started the beautiful line in 2010 using simple recipes and essential oils. Their products are free of chemicals, animal products and dyes, and are wonderfully packaged – as clean as the product itself. We assume his experience as a set designer contributed to the overall success of the Carriage 44 brand.

To learn more about Oliver Stenberg visit OliverStenberg.com